An area rug is great way to bring color into a room.  What about when you have wall to wall carpet?  Can you still use a rug?  Of course you can!  Carpet is generally boring and doesn't bring any design element to a room.  Carpet is flat and the furniture on top can seem to float on top.  Layering a colorful rug can bring new life into a space and define an area.  Rugs can bring in another pattern, colors, and texture.  Rugs can also protect the carpet underneath the rug.

I've put an orange chevron rug in my son's nursery and a pink shag rug my daughter's room.  The center of the room is usually the play area and the rug helps prevent premature wear of that portion of carpet.  They also bring an extra pop of color.

I also put a black and white graphic rug in the office.  You can see a peek of it here.

Here are some other examples of rugs on carpet.

This large blue chevron rug makes a bold statement in this room.  It ties in the blue and brings in another pattern.

The floral rug in this child bedroom anchors the bed and brings in more pastel colors from around the room.

I love this chevron rug between the two sofas.  It's a nice union of the blue on the wall and white sofas but adds a totally different pattern than the softer stripes on the pillows.  It also defines this space as a seating area.

Here's another rug that defines a seating area.  It draws the eye in to this space and separates it from the rest of the room.

Do you have rugs layered over carpet in your home?


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