A while back I showed you some dining rooms turned offices.  They were great ideas on turning that un-used dining space into something usable.  This time, let's talk about play spaces.  My kids like to play downstairs in the evenings, and some of their toys end up downstairs as well.  I often see photos of play rooms and wonder what it would be like to have a dedicated play space for the kids.  I wouldn't have to pick up toys or clean up behind them because that would be a place for them to play.  I wouldn't be so intent on picking up the room.  Right now, I like them to have clean rooms when the toys are not in use.

With a playroom being downstairs, the kids are still within reach and you can keep an eye on them while they are playing.  My only issue would be seeing those toys on the floor as I walk through from upstairs to the family room.  Here are several ideas for changing that dining room into a playroom for the kids.


Anyone turn their formal dining room into a playroom?  How about any other room in the house?

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