Lake Martin, Alabama... WOW! Lake Martin, Alabama... WOW!

I found a jewel-of-a-place! There is this gorgeous lake house on Lake Martin, Alabama and it was designed by  Tracery Interiors ...  whom is...

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2:35 PM

The Perfect Team! The Perfect Team!

Nothing I love more than an amazing company who creates and offers perfection!   Bourgondisch Kruis  is an amazing team who offers one of th...

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7:37 PM

A Unique And Beautiful Lake House! A Unique And Beautiful Lake House!

I came across this beautiful lake house on the  House of Turquoise  blog! The bathroom was so beautiful that I had to see more.  This is a f...

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3:10 PM

Emanuele Marchesini Emanuele Marchesini

Thanks to a special reader, I was able to learn about a new incredible interior designer by the name of  Emanuela Marchesini ! She is Italia...

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4:09 PM