The art of Provence The art of Provence

I came across this darling French, Provencial house in the " French connection" book.  Today I wanted to show you that small space...

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4:58 PM

Gers, France Gers, France

Lets talk Gers, France!  It is said to be a region of Europe where people live the longest...sounds good to me!  It has always been said tha...

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11:02 AM

Dream Beach Home Dream Beach Home

My family's favorite place to vacation is California!  I have always been torn between the mountains of Utah and the ocean; so I'm p...

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7:08 PM

Random Thoughts at Christmas Random Thoughts at Christmas

I was sitting on my couch this morning flipping through some fun pictures of things that make me happy to suppress a long winter day; I want...

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8:33 AM

Christmas at the Ashworth home Christmas at the Ashworth home

Here are some pictures of our newly built home. We moved in about a month ago and all of us were excited for the Christmas holiday finally ...

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9:54 AM