I'm a big fan of Apartment Therapy.  Right now they are having a Small Cool Contest.  Readers are submitting photos of their small homes for a chance to have theirs voted as the coolest.  These homes are all under 1000 square feet but are very stylish and well designed.  There are five categories: Teeny Tiny (under 400 sq ft), Tiny (400-600 sq ft), Little (600-800 sq ft), Small (800-1000 sq ft), and International (under 1000 sq ft).  I picked my favorite from each category to share with you. 

Teeny Tiny: This apartment is 210 square feet in Washington, DC.  It includes a swiveling table that functions as a kitchen island, desk, dining table, and desk.  It is all open with no walls.  The bed also folds away to make more floor space when not in use.  I love the floors and even though the space is small, it stills looks very open.


Tiny: New York is known for it's small living spaces and this one comes in at 500 square feet.  I love the exposed bring in this home.  She used lots of drawers and shelves for storage.  Ana's tip is to use a minimum amount of furniture.  She uses an ottoman topped with a tray to use it as a coffee table.

Little: This home is 720 square feet in Dallas, TX.  They used bright colors to open up the space.  Using space under the bed and shelving systems, they were able to make more storage.

Small: This home is located in Covington, KY and is 900 square feet.  The living room is open and the wood floors unite the rooms.  Again, the walls are white but the accessories bring in the color.  The furniture has clean lines and is functional.  The guest bedroom is also the office and crafting space.  I love the dark vanity in the bathroom.


International: This home is 990 square feet located in Canada.  I love that the walls are white but the colorful accessories give the place some personality.  A few tips from the homeowner include use smaller furniture to create more space and make sure all the colors throughout the space work together.

All of these homes are well designed.  I can't imagine living in such a small space now with all the room we currently have.  I do like going in Ikea and seeing the mock ups they have of small spaces.  From all the spaces entered, a lot of them use lighter colored walls and allow the decor around the room to do the talking.

There's still time to submit your small home!  Last day for entries is June 2.

"You don't need to live large to have a wonderful home." - Apartment Therapy

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