Something about Target red clearance signs gets me all excited.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it's the sudden rush of knowing I'm about to save money on things I wasn't intending to buy in the first place.  Does that make any sense?  Save money when I'm actually spending?  I know but some of you can relate.  But think how much I would have spent if I got the item full price months before.  I go into Target for tissue and walk out with more kid clothes and home decor items, all because of those darn red signs.  I need to learn to put blinders on when I walk in.

While on a recent trip, I stumbled across this little guy.  Another bird figurine.  This one is a tea light holder.  Pretty cute and for $2.00 I couldn't pass him up.

He sat on the dresser for a month until I decided his fate.  I was actually going to leave him white but I wanted a little color.  Since I had some nickel spray paint on hand for another project, I pulled him out and gave him a quick paint too.

Not sure how I feel about him now.  I like the subtle hint of color and how he looks metallic and heavy but maybe I want something more dramatic.

Ever have an idea of something in your mind but when the project's done, it doesn't quite measure up?


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