We mounted the loft TV on the wall last week.  We knew we didn't want those ugly cords connected to the TV to be seen.  I had done a few searches to see what our options were for hiding them.  Turns out, there are several.  My least favorite was the cord cover and I knew that wasn't going to work for me.

Here are the pieces we bought from Home Depot.  They are wall plates that allow you to pull the cords through but keep them hidden in the wall.

After we figured out where we wanted the holes, using the template in the package, we cut a hole right under the TV mount for the cords coming from the TV.  It made me a little nervous cutting a hole in the wall.  The cords also needed a place to exit at the bottom.  We cut the second hole straight down from the top one, right next to the outlet where the cords would be plugged in.

To make it easier to get the dropped cords, we installed the top plate first.  It just goes into the hole and the screws tighten it against the drywall.  We inserted all the cords in the plate and they fell down into the wall.  We grabbed the dropped cords and pulled them through the bottom hole.  Now that the the cords are through the bottom hole, we pulled them through the bottom plate and screwed it in.  The plate has a small opening and is curved which I why I say drop the cords first so you can get your hand through the hole to pull the cords from the wall. 

After pulling the cords and installing the plates, it was time to re-hang the TV.  Connect all the cords to the TV first and hang it on the wall bracket.  Tighten the bracket screws to make sure your TV is on tight.  Plug in your cords from the bottom plate and you're in business.

Now our TV is floating on the wall.  The cords from the subwoofer underneath the console can be seen here but I plan on tying them up and some baskets will help too.

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