Well, the painting is done.  I had a free day last week to get it on.  I thought it would only take me a couple hours since it's such a small space, but with all the turns and small nooks, it took me several.  I was tired and almost wanted to give up.  

On the first brush stroke, I was hesitant on the color.  I kept going just to see how it dried and give it a chance.  Once it dried, I loved it!  It went on really blue but dried more gray like I had hoped.  The color is Dutch Boy Pale Blue Spring.  I wouldn't normally choose Dutch Boy but I had an offer for free paint and I couldn't pass it up.  It was easy to work with and went on smooth.


It feels so much more relaxing in here now.  The builder beige was a little stark and cold.

It's hard to capture the true color in pictures.  There's only the one window in here so the lighting isn't great.  This is probably the best angle to show color.  It's a pale blue with a touch of gray.  I tend to stay away from blues because the wrong one can make the room too baby blue and juvenile.  I think this one is perfect.  Guests will like it and my son can grow in it without making a color change later.

Now that the room is painted, I don't mind the maple cabinets as much.  They soften up the blue paint.  I need a few more days with them so see how I like them.  Some towels and other accessories are in the works.  I have a few small projects involving paint that I hope go well.  Wish me luck.



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