Over this past year, there are some things I've learned about this world of blogging.  For one thing, it ain't easy.

Not to compare my blog to others.  
My blog's not perfect.  Sure there are larger, more successful blogs out there, but I'm doing this for me.  I didn't start a blog to be popular or have people approve of what I do.  I simply wanted a way to document my home's progress over time.  I can post pictures for my family and friends to see and in turn learn a few things from fellow bloggers.  There are so many great ideas out there.  Instead of being envious of fellow bloggers, I'm inspired and motivated to be better.
Not to compare my home to others.
My home is exactly that, my home.  My family lives here and no one else's opinion matters.  I can't make my home look perfect and or buy expensive items just because I see them in someone else's home or magazines.  We have a budget and I try to stick to it.  There is some splurging but I can't play keep up with the house down the street.  I have to buy what fits my family's budget and lifestyle.
Blogging is hard work.
Blogging isn't my full time job and right now is just a hobby.  There are days where I don't post due to family time.  I don't want to take away from them just to get a post in.  Being a mother and wife are important to me.  Between completing projects, not forgetting to take pictures during projects, labeling pictures, loading pictures, typing posts, linking to parties, and responding to emails, this could become a full time job in itself.  I have to set goals and pace myself.  I constantly have to ask myself what I want to accomplish with this blog.
Blogging takes money.
This blog is real life for me.  Some larger bloggers are paid to blog, not me.  I have to fund 100% of my projects.  I don't buy stuff just to make a project so I can blog about it.  I'm not trying to buy my readers or do a project because so-and-so did it.  I only complete projects where the end result is something I will actually use in my home.  Until money starts growing on trees, I'm keeping it real life around here.  There are so many projects I would like to complete, but I know there's a price to pay.
I'm thankful for my accomplishments so far and hoping this next year is even better.  My readers have made it all worth while.

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