I wanted to hang a mirror in the nursery but wasn't sure how I wanted to do it.  I thought about just gluing a hanger to the back and calling it lovely but I decided a ribbon would give me some more punch of color.

I started with a round mirror from Michael's, my orange ribbon, and hot glue.

I cut 2 pieces of ribbon the same length.  Remember to burn the edges so they won't fray.

I tried to decide how far I wanted the mirror to hang and tied a knot in the middle accordingly.  The knot is almost centered but more towards one side.

On one side I tied a bow and the other side I hot glued to the back of the mirror.

I hung it using a nail through the middle of the knot.

It's a nice little touch.  Thinking about a gallery wall around the mirror and some small trinkets.  Remember this will be the changing table.  What do you think?

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