I often ramble through my craft cabinet looking for a cheap project to do.  I have a couple baskets of craft paint that were looking back at me.  I also had an extra dollar store vase that was pretty plain.  I decided to give it some color with my paint.  I chose a color and got to work.


Here's what I started with: a dollar store vase, craft paint, and a stencil pouncer thing.

This project was so easy and was finished in no time.  I just dipped my pouncer into the paint, making sure to get off any extra, and pressed it on the vase.  Try to press and not slide or pull so you won't smear your dots.

The dots are cute and bring a little color to the table.

My daughter helped with this project and was already asking to paint the little side vases so I doubt they'll stay plain for too long.

My stems are still on the table but I'm thinking about adding some other things for the season.

It's the simple things in life that make me happy.  What about you?


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