The breakfast area is one we use daily.  We sit there for all our meals when we're together as a family.  I always keep placemats on the table to protect it from spills and scratches, especially with a little one.  

The placemats that were there were old and a little dated.  They functioned great but the leaves weren't exactly our style.  A little country if you ask me.

The size and shape of them are perfect for this table.  The sawed off corners made them fit together like a puzzle on the table and covered just enough while we were eating.  I was always on the look out for a better looking set.  At one point, I bought a round woven set but never liked how they looked so I never used them.  Plus they were woven so I didn't want to be scraping food out the holes.

I happened to be in Target one day (surprise right?) when I came across these on clearance.  The color and design on them was good and they were plastic.  The only thing is that their shape was going to be too big for the table.  Shouldn't be a problem to fix since they are only plastic.

These actually sat in a cabinet for a while until I figured out what I was going to do with them.  I was going to make them circular but figured the shape wouldn't be helping me keep the table clean during meals.  Our plates are round and so there wouldn't be a whole lot of room around the edge.  I was cleaning the table and it hit me.  Why don't I make the new placemats the same shape as these?  I placed an old one on top of the new and it would fit with some room to spare.  I cut out the new placemats using the old ones as a template.

So much better.  I got to keep the shape I liked but updated the table in the style department.

Have you changed anything lately to fit your space?


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