I've been looking through so many bedroom inspiration pictures, that I almost get confused on what look I'm going for.  I think I have a transitional design style, mixing the modern with some traditional.  I know I want our bedroom to be calm and soothing but have punches of color.  I love our furniture and it's fairly new so I know we're keeping these pieces.  I may find something I like one week, and change my mind about it the next.  I show them to hubby and he just shakes his head because I am so indecisive.  He told me to just make up my mind and do it already.  Easier said than done. 

I found this bedroom personality quiz and decided to give it a try.

My results: an escapist and a purist.

I find it funny that both of these describe the feel I want.  With the escapist, I want my bedroom to feel like an escape with neutral tones and earth tones.  I think I've decided on tan walls so that will be a great backdrop for more accent colors.  Red is my favorite color so pops will be throughout.  I hate clutter so I don't think there will be an overload of accessories.

The purist in me wants cooler colors.  I plan to add blues and grays in our bedroom so that was spot on.  The upholstered headboard thing is on my list but that's a separate issue.  We have a dark wood headboard so I plan to layer the pillows to lighten it up.

Go on, take the style quiz.  Are the results accurate? 



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