When I showed you the updated family room, I told you that I had used a chair from the living room as a temporary place marker.  I've searched for months and have gone through four other purchases and returns of chairs.  A real game of musical chairs.  Three were from Target and one was the Poang from Ikea.  That was definitely not the right chair.  It was more of a nursery chair.  The others worked because of the wrong color or just the shape of the chair.  From the beginning, I knew what chair I really wanted but was trying to find cheaper options to satisfy my pocket.  I explained the dilemma to hubby and we decided if there was a chair I really wanted, I just needed to suck it up and pay for it.  Yay!  He saw my side.

The weekend we decided to make it ours, it was on sale.  I guess this chair was meant to be.  Nothing like getting what you want for the price you want to pay.  It's the same soft suede microfiber as the sofa but a little lighter in color.  I love that it's an armchair so we can sink down in it.  It sits pretty deep and is really comfy.  I've claimed the chair as mine, but we'll have to see who actually ends up sitting there more often.  It has a little tuft in the center with a one button detail.

I'll be looking for a new pillow for the new chair.  Maybe something bold and in a graphic print.  I would love to add more red to the space or black and white.  I've seen some fun options on Etsy I may try out.



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