screen shot at pm Antenna Lamps By Arik Levy For Forestier lightning

Israeli designer Arik Levi has designed a collection of stunning lamps for the Parisan company Forestier.

“..Forestier is a very uncommon and various company…at its origin is hand-made production and specialization in diverse fields of craft. It was and it is usually excellent to succeed in creating a modern piece of style by using quite basic tools and handicrafts. It was a challenge and that is what I liked about it.

We have created a large quantity of collections very a lot enjoying the approach and the outcomes. We have been mixing hand-made paper and metal function, textile and LED keeping in thoughts the use of minimum tooling, and heavy production method…”

Each and every style speaks for itself and the juxtaposition of hand created and “anti industry” also leaves space to creativity, flexible production and the feeling that an individual just finished putting  the piece together a second ago.

pixel Antenna Lamps By Arik Levy For Forestier lightning


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