Hip hop hooray!  We got ourselves some new dining chairs and I absolutely love them!  I wasn't going for beige in the beginning but I'm glad that's what we ended up with.  They are the Threshold Brookline Tufted Dining Chair.   They totally change the look of our dining room.

Look at the cushioned seat.  They are firm but not too firm and should soften with some use.  Very comfortable to sit in I might add.

I love the button tufted back.  So elegant looking.

There's a story behind how we got here so let's start from the beginning.  I showed you these chairs as one of my choices but I was aiming for the light gray.  I was set on that specific color.  The only problem is they are never in stock and on sale at the same time.  They are either on sale one week but the color is not available or they are available but full price.  I had a set price I was willing to pay for new chairs.  I needed six and I wasn't trying to break the bank.

I just so happened to be browsing the Target aisles one Monday at lunch and saw that the dark gray color was on sale for $51 a chair.  Yep, you read that right!  The regular price is $75 a chair or $170 a pair online.  This price wasn't advertised in the weekly ad.  It was a price cut according to the tag.  That store didn't have any in stock so I let it go.  I visited another Target on Wednesday and saw them again.  I decided I wasn't going to let this deal go.  I called several stores trying to round up six of them.  Many of them didn't have any and I was guessing it had to do to the sale.  I finally found three stores that had two each and put them on hold.  We drove to two stores that night after work for four of them.  Let's say hubby wasn't exactly thrilled to be riding around picking up chairs when he could be home winding down.  My mom picked up two more at the store near her.  I was stoked to have all six chairs.

I was so excited I scored big.  Here's the problem.  The next night I put one of the gray chairs together and I didn't get the thrill I had hoped for.  It was way too dark for our space.  The gray blended right into the table because they were so dark.  Bummer.  I held onto them for about a week because I wasn't ready to give in and take the chairs back.  I knew I would never get such a deal again.  I kept thinking maybe I could make them work.  Nope, wasn't happening.

So now let's fast forward to last Monday.  I was taking my weekly stroll through Target (This seems to happen often huh?  What can I say I like Target.) when I saw the beige color was on sale but for $75.  They also had a deal where if you spend $50 in home decor, you get a $10 gift card.  That would make them $65 so I would only be spending $14 more per chair.  I was willing to pay more to get a different color.  I immediately started calling stores to see who had the beige in stock.  I rounded up three stores with two each.  So I went store to store exchanging the gray chairs for the beige chairs.  By Tuesday evening, I had six beige chairs.  What's even better, they even exchanged them!  I was still getting the original sale price of $51 a chair!  I didn't have to pay a penny more.

The green vase is a thrift store find for $1.  I thought it could be another accent color to bring into the space.

Now that the chairs have changed, I was thinking about changing a few things in the room.  I can't leave well enough alone.  Maybe it's time for the stenciled wall to go away.  You may have noticed the Expedit isn't there.  I liked it under the mirror but moved it back to the hall nook because the nook was empty.  In time, it will move back to the dining room with a few changes of its own.

There's even a nicer view looking into the living room.  The wall behind the sofa is blue so I'm having an internal debate about what color the stenciled wall in the dining room should become.  Should it be the same blue?  How about a light gray?  I could paint both walls gray and lose the blue altogether.  Oh the decisions.

All the driving around these last few weeks had been exhausting but so worth it.  Our room has a new look and I think it suits us better.


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