Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I sold our dining room chairs.  I was never really a fan of them but they came with the table so I lived with them.

That is, until I was seeing other styles that I liked.  Sure, we don't use the table often but I at least want the dining room to look good and be a reflection on our current style.  It has changed over the past few years.  If you look at pictures from the last three years of living here, our house doesn't look the same.

Here are the previous chairs...

They had a curved, slatted back that wasn't really that comfortable.  If we were to have guests over for a fancy dinner party (yeah right), I at least want them to eat in comfort.  You want them to relax and be able to linger after dinner's over.  The seats were a tan microfiber which is great for messes but I need something different.

With the new chairs, I think I want something tufted.  Oh yes, the drama!  The tufts just look so elegant but still casual at the same time.  I was so excited to find these online at World Market only to call and find out they were dis-continued!  They are exactly what I want and in the perfect light gray color.

These chairs from Lamps Plus are also beautiful.  They only come in natural color though and I want something a little darker.

I found these at Target but the lighter gray color is sold out at the moment.  How convenient that this was one of my first choices and they are not available?  Talk about frustration.  The only color they do have in stock is a dark taupe which would work but I don't want to get them and change my mind later.

I will keep looking around to see what I find.  Any suggestions on a good place to find tufted dining chairs?  I do need six of them so they can't cost cost an arm and a leg.

Anyone have tufted chairs?  How do you like them?


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