When we put in the new rug in the family room, we noticed it wasn't very thick.  We experienced this with our last rug as well.  We had hardwood floors so of course it's not going to feel like air when walking on the rug.  I had thought about getting a rug pad but never actually went looking  for one.  I know rug pads protect your floors, make your rug last longer, and keep the rug from slipping.  I also know they aren't cheap so I didn't want to bring it up to hubby.

It was perfect timing when RugPadUSA contacted me about trying out one of their Premium Lock rug pads.  After placing my order, the rug pad arrived within days.  I'll be honest, when this huge package showed up on our doorstep, I shoved it aside for about a week because I didn't feel like moving the sofa and rug around.  I knew it would take forever to get it back how I had it.

Well one afternoon I got tired of seeing it sit there and finally got to work laying that thing down!  And I would pick a day when hubby wasn't there to help me move the sofa.  Before moving anything, I marked on the floor with painter's tape so I would know the rug's position.  I dis-connected the sectional and pushed both pieces back far enough to roll the rug up.  Instead of rolling it all the way up, I folded one side of the rug over so I could lay the rug pad down on that side.  Once that side was down, I was able to pull the rug over and pull the rest of the rug pad underneath.  It was some work!  Now mind you, I was doing this with two kids running around.  My son is crawling everywhere, so he was curious and wanted to see what I was up to.  Since I had marked a corner of the rug before moving it, I was easily able to get it back to its original spot.

Immediately after putting the pad and rug in place, I could tell a difference.  The rug was instantly more cushioned and comfortable to walk on.  I was surprised there was no odor once I opened the package.

The top layer is felt padding.

The pad is about 1/4" thick so that's why it feels so nice underfoot.

The underside of our rug is a little rough, but the rug pad will now be a barrier and prevent the rug from scratching the floor underneath.  The bottom of the rug pad is rubber which provides a non-slip grip and will keep the rug from sliding around.   Also, with the top of the rug pad being felt, it grips the rough rug bottom and secures it in place.

Our rug was cut two inches shorter on each side so it would fit perfectly under our rug.

The sides roll over just enough so you're not tripping over them.

Here are some qualities of the Premium-Lock Pad:
  • high performance recycled felt + rubber
  • 1/4" thickness provides protection for your floors
  • adds comfort and insulation
Don't forget, rug pads can also be used under rugs on carpet floors.

Overall, I love our rug pad.  With the cushion underneath, I am now more comfortable with my kids playing on the rug knowing that if someone falls, they will be fine and not actually hitting the floor.  Now that I know how important rug pads are and that they actually keep rugs in place, I need to order some for the rugs upstairs.  They're on carpet and move all the time.

You should definitely check out RugPadUSA!

*I received this product to review for free but the views and opinions expressed are my own.


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