Well guess who decided to start back up on the office again?  We did.  We use it almost everyday and it was bothering me that we started this room and didn't finish.  Oh wait, that's a lot of projects in my house.  I think my daughter's room is the only room I can call finished.

I snagged this pinboard at a thrift store for maybe $0.50.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it but for that cheap I'll find something.  After seeing several ideas on Pinterest, I knew what to do.  Cover it with fabric to hide the ugly cork and out it in the office.  I bought some thumb tacks for the trim and got to work.

I had some white fabric in my stash so of course I used it.  No need to buy new.  I ironed the fabric and placed it over the cork.

I thought the silver tacks would add some industrial to it.  I started in the corner and worked my way around filling in the gaps.

After the tacks were in, I cut the fabric so a couple inches were left on either side.  I used packing tape to secure the fabric on the back side.  Who's gonna see the back?

I had on old frame I wasn't using and took the hanging pieces from it and attached it under the frame of the pinboard.

No we have somewhere to place those important pieces of paper (or magazine cutouts).

Office plans:
paint the walls
new desk
shelves above the desk 
create a small sitting area
new chair
add a rug
wall art
window treatments


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