I've been receiving so many kind comments about the kitchen cabinet makeover.  A big thanks to you all.  Makes me feel good when my inbox goes in to overdrive.  In those comments have been some interesting questions.  One that stood out to me and was from an anonymous reader, "Your cabinets look great but where is your dishwasher?"  I had taken pictures of the dishwasher side of the island before but never got around to posting it. 

Kind of hard to get a picture since I can't stand back enough to get the full island in the shot.

And from the other side.

When I installed the new pulls on these drawers, I centered the pull on the top drawer.  I thought the two bottom drawers would look off with the pulls centered so I moved them up towards the top. 

There you have it, the other side of the island.  Anything else you want to know about the kitchen?



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