Are you a part of the Pinterest Addicts Club?  I think I'm getting closer.  I browse a few times a day and find myself getting sucked in for a good hour or so.  Hubby even knows when I'm on Pinterest on my phone because it dings every time I pin something.

I love seeing what everyone is pinning and getting design inspiration, recipes, and craft ideas.  But remember, others are also getting ideas from you.  Every time you pin something you like, your followers and other members are watching.  I have gotten a lot of Pinterest followers by just pinning things I like.  I pin a majority of home decor and DIY projects.  Others that like home decor or DIY too follow my boards because we have the same style.  When you are pinning, label the pin by what is in the photo, not your emotions when you pin it.  I think this is important for one reason: the pin being found by someone else later.  When I do searches, in the search box I type in the topic I'm looking for.  Only the results with those words are going to show up.  If you pin a great sofa but save the pin with the words "I love this!", my search for sofas will never pull in your great sofa pin.  You have a better chance of someone following you or re-pinning if their search pulled up one of your pins that was labeled correctly.

When a started using Pinterest, I created a pinboard with just my home projects.

Each time I post a project or update, I try to add it to this board.  On the pin, I put the project name.  When someone clicks on my pin, it brings them to my blog.  This creates awareness.  Hopefully the visitor likes what they see, re-pins your pin, follows your Pinterest boards, and becomes a follower of your blog.  It also helps to have the Inlinkz widget at the bottom of your posts so others visiting can see snippets of your other posts.  I was checking out my Google stats recently and Pinterest is one of my top 10 referring sites.  Wow!  Motivation to keep pinning my own.

Want to know what others are pinning from your website?
Type in  Replace SITEURL with our own.   This view displays the most recent pins from your site.

According to stats, my contact paper window cover has been the most re-pinned project I've done.  It was one of the first projects I posted about.

I've learned to make a habit of pinning my own should too.  Show off the projects you've worked so hard on.  Use Pinterest to its fullest.  You want your blog to get as much exposure as possible, especially if you're a newer blog.  

If you would like to get on Pinterest and start pinning, send me an email or comment and I can send you an invite.   

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