I'm trying to slowly begin the decorating in the dining room and formal living room.  In the last house, I rushed to make decisions on purchases and I end up regretting them in the end.  We bought a red sofa that I liked initially but over the years, I wasn't feeling it too much.  I can't find a picture of it.  I've erased it from memory too.  Red is one of those colors that stands out and you can't really change the surrounding decor around too much for fear of clashing with this huge piece of furniture.  It wasn't a neutral color I could work with.  When I found out we were really moving, that red sofa had to go.

I see light fixtures and curtains I like but want to make sure they are right for the space.  There are some spaces that are inspiring me right now.

For the dining room, I love this light fixture and the striped curtains.  Not sure if these curtains would be too much for the stenciled wall though.

This drum shade is awesome.  Do I really need another since there is one in the breakfast area?

I like the simpleness of the table and white curtains here.  

I would like a buffet or hutch along the wall and some shelving like this room.  Notice another drum chandelier.  I'm drawn to them.  Also the wall color is very similar to mine.

Since the dining room connects to the formal dining room, I want them to go together.  So most likely the curtains and some of the decor elements would be the same in the two spaces.

This room is a lot like my layout since it connects right onto the dining.  I would love to put floor to ceiling book shelves in the living area with a couple chairs.  Make it a reading space or library if you will.

source unknown

I love this space as well.  It has a half wall of book shelves and two chairs.  It's also very bright and I love the neutral rug.

This room is simple, two chairs and a table.  I spied the wood roman shades too.  Thought about changing some of the current blinds to these.  They add a nice warmth to the room. 

Hubby knows I'll change my mind in a heartbeat and want to change things up again in a few months, or weeks, or days.  He tells me I'm never satisfied but I think it's just my decorating taste evolving.  I mention changes to him and the eyes roll.  Sorry honey, I'm indecisive sometimes.  I tend to see spaces I like online and want it right now.  So I'm trying to pace myself and really look at my home and embrace my style before I make any changes right now.  I don't want to waste any money because I rushed into it.  At least all the painting is done downstairs.  That I could commit to.  Finally finished it all over the Christmas break.  Paint is a minor fix if I change my mind later.  It's bound to happen.


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