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My daughter loves to draw and craft.  However, her craft supplies are everywhere.  She's got markers and crayons downstairs and another stash upstairs in her room.  She also needs these items for homework sometimes.  It was always a pain trying to keep up with where everything was.  I decided it was time to change that.  She needed one spot where she could keep all her things.

I went to the dollar store to see what items they had that I could use.  I came out with a small bucket and this chalkboard.

I wanted to label the bucket.  I cut the chalkboard into a small rectangle so I could attach it to the front.  It was cardboard so it was very easy to cut with scissors.  I was originally going to paint a square on the front of the bucket with chalkboard paint but this was way easier.

I attached it to the front with double sided tape.  I keep a drawer of craft stuff too.  That also needs to be organized but that's another post.  I like to keep the cans from canned foods.  They come in handy for things like this.  I grabbed three since that's what would fit in my caddy.  I gathered up my daughter's markers and colored pencils.  I also rounded up stray pencils and scissors.  These supplies fit perfectly in the cans.

Now she has a caddy to keep her art supplies.  She can bring it downstairs when doing homework or take it to her room when she wants to be by herself.


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