Fall is here.  Decorating has begun for the holidays but we must also consider the maintenance of our homes.  I know we all have heard of spring cleaning but maybe not so much of fall cleaning.  The weather is cooling off and we have to make sure our homes can handle the weather changes.  I've made a checklist to get your home in order for the cooler temperatures.


* Wash windows.

* Change exterior light bulbs.

* Clean out gutters.

* Have your chimney cleaned and inspected.

* Check seals around windows and doors.

* Finish any exterior repairs and maintenance.

* Clean and store patio furniture and children's outside toys.

* Drain and store garden hoses.

* Wash windows.
* Remove all summer decor and accessories. 
* Have your furnace checked out and serviced as needed.   Buy a supply of furnace filters.

* Have upholstery and carpet cleaned to get rid of sand and pollen that was tracked in during the summer months. 

* Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and change batteries as needed. 

* Vacuum window treatments, window sills, baseboards, and furniture.

* Clean and organize kitchen cabinets.  Holiday entertaining is fast approaching.

Is your home ready for the change?

Ken Hoyt
Cincinnati Living
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