I recently purchased the book The Home Within Us!  Not only are the pictures gorgeous, but the architect Bobby McAlpine explains perfectly the art of designing a beautiful home.  
He quotes, "What we crave in life is an outer beauty that reflects the gorgeous world inside us."  He goes on to explain that what we envision can become our reality, because we do have control over our own lives.  He quotes, "We do have the power to create our own environment--and our environment, in turn shapes us. 
Amen to that... he nailed it!! 

Here are some beautiful images created from the mind of Bobby McAlpine:

All images via "The Home Within Us"

 Bobby McApline says it perfectly:
"Where is the place that mirrors our hearts?  Where are we when we feel held and protected and whispered to?  Where does the content of our intimate exchanges ring most true?  By answering the questions of our hearts, the stronger among us become agents of change, making choices that advance the marriage of our interior and exterior lives."

Never be afraid to envision those things you love!
I hope you're all having a wonderful week!! 


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