Ok, so I know many of you have that nice little window pane on the side of your front door.

I love that it lets the light in on nice days, but I don't like that people standing on your doorstep can see right in.  I wanted a solution to this problem.  I saw some nice window decals at Home Depot but I wasn't really liking any of the styles they had.

Searching through some blogs, I found that Thrifty Decor Chick used contact paper to frost her pantry door.  Interesting, I thought.  I went to search for frosted contact paper but came to find out it's actually clear when you're looking in the store.  Brought it home and applied it to the window.  I did like that it covered the window, but did not like that I couldn't see who was now standing outside my door.  All I could see was a shadow.  It was either this or go back to Home Depot to get the window decal application.  I didn't want to spend the money for something I wasn't in love with.  I had an idea.

I could create me own decal.  I searched for a stencil I could use to make my own design in the contact paper.  I ended up making my own stencil using diamonds.

I traced the diamond pattern on the window and started cutting out my stencil.  It was actually going pretty well until my husband made a comment that I may be cutting the window.  And yes he was right.  I pulled off a few pieces to see and sure enough you could see my etchings in the glass where I was tracing with a razor blade.  Ok so now what.  I still wanted my own design on the window.  I had to get creative.  I pulled off all the contact paper.  I used the same stencil but had to go another route.  I traced the template on the contact paper and cut out each diamond and applied them individually to the window.  It didn't take long once I started.  I must say I love how it turned out.  I now have a custom window decal.  

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