We just arrived home from our California trip.  While we were there, my husband and I had to visit our favorite store Juxtaposition.  Here you will find so many timeless pieces that reflect the British, Belgium, French and Colonial styles.

Black and white is so in!!  It's always important to have at least one black piece of furniture... it grounds the room.

All the pillows are to die for!  If you want one, make sure you have $700.00 in your budget.  Most of their pillows are made out of vintage elements.

My husband loves this store because of the industrial feel.  How often do us women find stores that our husband's enjoy?  VERY RARE!

 ... love the enlarged document!

... oops, my husband's arm.  I can't take pictures!

... my favorite couch in the whole store... I want it!

I'll take the clock and the bed please...

My poor son who sits while mom shops... thank goodness for the iPhone.

... then I get stuck at Disneyland for ten hours


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